by Carey Russell

Without capture, each spoken word and inert
thought will dissipate as fugitive emissions and
fail to integrate with the current intellectual
infrastructure. A capture device could address
these residuals and, coupled with sequestration,
store them for future use.

There are various possible configurations:
wrapped turban-like around the skull, draped as
a veil over the forehead and eyes, or cupped
laterally over the mouth. Optimized design
iterations will prevent any hindrance on the flow
of breath or creativity.

After isothermal compression, utterances
can be collected and concentrated for potentially
indefinite lifetimes. In-situ and ex-situ storage
methods will be investigated to allow easy and
affordable access to or disposal of the emissions.

Capture could insure against low-probability
high-impact events, acting as a stopgap for
repartee and de facto undo for regrettable blurts.
Thus, this invention may lead to drastic
reductions in remorse, mental replaying,
and nights spent mulling over comebacks.

With this absolute freedom, innovation will
thrive and green the whole world with brilliance.


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