by Caroline Gordon

I sit in a corner, sunlight emits
in through a window, illuminating
silhouetted mysteries within crevices
of dilapidated ambiance.

I sway back and forth,
muttering curses,
lucid tears emanate downward
like torrential rain.

Anguish sears through me,
like acid on a body,
blazing, flesh liquefying
right off of my desiccated existence.

Malevolence penetrates, vanishes
rapidly as it arrived,
I think of you,
an amour in my life.

You scourge, infiltrate my psyche,
nevertheless, I adore you, miss you,
formerly best of friends,
now nothing more than acquaintances.

Countless times I would
have died for you, given everything
just to have you discern me,
those days have befallen and departed.

Never again will you embrace my empathy,
one you had for very long,
damn you Percoset, why did you ever
befall my life in the first place?


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